My name is Vicki, (Victoria Marie, if I'm in trouble or being a bit fresh but that just might be my momma talking) and I'm from Connecticut.  Speaking of Momma, she's the reason for my quilting obsession, although she was a hand quilter and me a machine quilter, we had many a discussion about the benefits of both methods.  I like to think she'd be proud of where my quilting has taken me.  

I love to draw too, line drawings primarily which in turn help me decide a quilting motif on a quilt.  Using pictures of a quilt, I can interview quilting designs to see the effect the quilting will have on a finished's not purrrfect but it allows me to "see" the quilt with an all-over design, an all-over between the borders/lines with separate designs in the border, a semi-custom, and even a full custom.

Contact me so we can put together on your next work of art quilt!

I'm also a figure skater so some of the designs I dream up come from seeing it first on the ice...just like building a skating program, one edge at a time...I can build your quilting... one stitch at a time. 


Let's work together and see what we can come up with...

I look forward to working with you to create your next 
Work of Art!
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