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Border/Corner Elevate only?

There were questions on the FB Gammill Elevate group related to borders and corners on the Elevate...and although there are limitations in performance when Creative Studio (CS7) is not used, it can be done directly on the Elevate with the quilt on the frame!

You first want to measure the row height and width - and then measure a square/block for the corners -- once the corners are stitch, measure between the two corners [...]

A "boundary" is created, using the Block feature, for the corners.

In my example the boundary is 3 3/4" square this is seen on the Elevate as you set the boundary. The design that's picked to run between the two corners should not be any higher than 3 3/4" or they will not match up with the corners nicely.

Remember you want the corners to mirror each other so the pattern flows the way you want it --

Block mode:

  • Create a block boundary in the left corner and place the corner design -- stitch it out

  • After the design is complete select "Stitch again" and then "Edit"

  • In edit mode, "Flip" the corner design horizontally - please note this is mirrored

  • Move to the right side of the quilt

  • Using "Relocate", place the right corner design -- stitch it out

  • End the Project

Single Row mode: now for the designs in the middle

  • Create a new boundary that runs between the left and right corner designs

  • Make sure it starts at the end of the left corner and ends at the right corner

  • Stitch it out -- stay close by in case you have to manipulate the quilt as you go to keep it with the border and between the two corners

I hope to have a video available depicting the above on my YouTube channel shortly!

You know you take the videos then you have to edit them sew they make sense! lol

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