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Elevate your border/corners with Gammill Elevate videos are now available!

Well, I got the Gammill Elevate videos created and posted to my YouTube channel....pheww that was getting stressful and who needs that!!! Creating them was fun but figuring out how to post them when one piece of software just stopped working, was the pits! 🤓

If you're a Gammill Elevate user, check out the videos and subscribe -- ask questions too and if you'd like classes, please let me know what subjects and mediums work best!

I do Zoom and have had small classes using that platform with friends in NZ and Washington state -- would love to know the subjects you're interested in!

Here's the YouTube channel -- subscribe and you'll see when I create new videos -- but most of all have FUN with your Gammill Elevate.

Kick It Up Quilting with Gammill Elevate


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