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Elevate your Quilting!!

Updated: May 3, 2020

Gammill has two computerized quilting systems and they both use Creative Studio to create and manage quilting designs. However, the Statler does the designing, editing and quilting right at the quilt, the Elevate needs to use Creative Studio in Stand Alone Mode (SAM). The designing of the quilting can be done in Creative Studio SAM and for the Statler, the entire project can be sent/walked to the Statler (aka Creative Studio running on the PC connected to the quilting machine). For the Elevate system, we can create and/or manipulate patterns in Creative Studio SAM and then sync the patterns thru the PatternCloud to the Elevate system. The Elevate system has 3 functions/features -- Block, Single Row and Edge to Edge -- each of these functions uses the patterns we have sync'd from the PatternCloud. So because we can't send the entire project from Creative Studio to the machine, we send ALL the patterns we want to use on the quilt to the Elevate and use one of the 3 features/functions to quilt them using the Elevate system. I am a visual person so when I complete the quilt design in Creative Studio and have gathered all the patterns to sync to the Elevate, I take a picture of the quilt in Creative Studio and note all the patterns included too. This give me a "map" of sorts so I can pick the best Elevate feature to quilt the pattern in the correct spot on the quilt. Is the Statler easier from that perspective...maybe...but the Elevate essentially gives me the time and space to create within the software and figure out how to use the simple tools on the Elevate to quilt a quilt and "kick up" the quilting on most quilts quite nicely! And, bonus I can provide a visual of the quilting superimposed over a quilt also!!

My Gammill Elevate YouTube Channel 

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