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Resetting the Elevate E2E feature, after an interruption...

I spent most of yesterday trying to create videos for how I recovered from a crash after the first row of stitching on an E2E design. Then the video audio was so low it couldn't be heard....ugh.

Apple to the rescue? iMovie has an automatic audio increase and I'm hoping this makes it easier for you all to "hear" as well as see what I did.

Resizing the pattern with E2E Feature

  1. We want to "match" the stitched row (as best we can) so position the first row (already stitched) of the quilt under the machine within your machines throat space.

  2. Measure the first row pattern with the "Measuring Tape on the Elevate" (shown in first video) - record the pattern height/width measurements on paper or with a screen print from the tablet..

  3. I did try this with a measure tape/ruler but it didn't work as well as the Elevate measuring tape.

  4. Please note that the Elevate measuring tape can sometimes stop working, the workaround is to go into another feature on the Elevate and it will start again.

  5. Set up a new E2E with the length of your quilt , creating the boundary slightly bigger than pattern height of the previously sewn row.

  6. Select the same pattern as the first row so we can set up the row as close as possible.

  7. Adjust the pattern height/width in Edit mode under the E2E Elevate feature

  8. Double check with the machine and the Elevate crosshairs that the pattern sized on the Elevate matches the pattern selected. This can be a bit time consuming but it's worth it to be able to use the E2E features as we normally would.

Fooling the Elevate E2E feature

You've already stitched the first row but you want to actually start the quilting or stitching with the 2nd row.

  1. Turn the needle off -- upper right corner

  2. Start the quilting on the first stitched row -- remember no needle so your just watching the machine move and groove

  3. Pause the "no needle quilting"

  4. Restart (lower left on Elevate screen) - move to machine to the right as close to the end of the pattern as possible (red marker).

  5. Restart again without the needle until the machine completes that row. You'll see the Row 1 of N completed message

  6. Continue -- you are now back to. your Normal E2E process of

  7. Place needle in unique spot - mark location

  8. Roll quilt - mark location

  9. Check that this 2nd row will quilt where you want it to in relation to the first row - if not, then relocate

  10. Once you're all set with the position of the 2nd row and the Elevate agrees with you, turn your needle back on

  11. Remember to turn the needle back on when you're ready to actually stitch the 2nd row!

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