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Teaching at Virtual Quilt Show in November!

I will be teaching two classes at VQS on the Elevate by Gammill -- for the most part it will be placing designs at the machine and working with Creative Studio.

The first class is called “Elevate Your Quilting at the machine!” -- this class will have beginning CS7 commands so we can get some patterns to the machine but then the focus will be using the features at the machine itself. It's surprising all the things we can do without CS7!

The second class is called "Fun-damentals with CS7 Standalone (SAM) and Elevate" -- this class starts with CS7 and creating a "recipe" that we will use to place designs at the Elevate again using the features at the machine but with more advanced designs...we will introduce how to remove the edges of a row so they aren't sewn off the edge of a quilt to have the quilting fit the quilt.

And, if there's enough interest -- we'll start a group in FB or a channel where we can gather and talk!

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