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Whole-cloth anyone?

Planning is what I try to do...whether it be for an exercise class I'm teaching or a quilt layout (our Silver Sneakers classes refer to me as the "baker" who follows the recipe and the other teacher as the "cook" as she puts everything and anything in -- and both work!)

I digress...I wanted to make a whole-cloth quilt, something I didn't have to piece but could plan in Creative Studio(TM) and sync to my Gammill Elevate. I used the "All in One" (AIO) club run by Joyce Lundrigan ( as my jumping off point...but I couldn't help adding to it. I added an extra row to the bottom so the quilt would be a rectangle rather than a square.

This was my "map" or "recipe" to place the patterns as rows. The worst part was basting the quilt top accurately so I could place the designs accurately. Unfortunately, the "measuring tool" on the Gammill Elevate does not quite work as it is supposed to (still hoping Gammill will fix this in short order) but I did the best I could and I think it came out great!!

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