I would love to kick up the quilting on your next quilt!!


Email me a picture of your quilt, the size of the quilt top, when you need it done and what you want to keep the cost to (aka your budget)...and I'll provide you with quilting options with cost estimates for each option!!

All-Over or Edge-to-Edge (E2E) designs range from a simple all-over meander to themed motifs – these designs ignore the piecing lines and give an overall quilted look to your quilt​.


Border to Border (B2B) - designs range from simple to themed between the borders and includes separate designs for the borders, making your quilt truly unique! 

This is my favorite type of quilting since it allows your quilt to truly be unique, without killing your budget!

Light Custom - offers simple meander quilting around motifs, applique, embroidery with borders and/or sashing being simple freehand designs.  This type of quilting typically does not include stitch-in-the-ditch (SnD) around each block as it's a more free-flowing style, without the all-over quilting that E2E or B2B offer.  This technique presents an individual unique look,without the cost of semi or full custom quilting.  


Semi-Custom offers a custom looking motif within each block or section of your quilt with some stitch-in-the-ditch (SnD) to travel from one block to another.  These designs can set up secondary designs allowing your quilt to truly shine but still stay within your budget.


Full-on Custom quilting with Background fills to enhance your piecing, applique, or embroidery.  This includes stitch-in-the-ditch (SnD) around each block or section to be be quilted so each block or section is fully stabilized for the background fills we choose.

Whole-cloth quilting is done on a solid piece of fabric where the quilting is the "star" and there's no competition with piecing.  These would be all computerized designs and pre-approved by you through detailed pictures.

Binding the quilt truly finishes it off.  I can make your binding and apply it to the front of the quilt for you to hand stitch it to the back or I can machine apply it to the back and use a straight or decorative stitch to finish it on the front.  

Labels truly describe all the time and love you've put into your quilt.  I can create a label for you and apply it to the back, using machine embroidery or my inkjet printer.  Either way, you'll have a quilt that's been documented and labeled for future generations to enjoy.


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