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"Kick It Up Quilting"

Design it, See it, Quilt it!

My Gammill Elevate longarm system gives me the freedom to "kick up the quilting" on your next quilt to make it one of a kind.

"Kick It Up Quilting" provides design options using visual representations of the quilting on a picture of your quilt.  This "see it" approach puts the decisions for your quilt in your hands, providing you with a unique quilting experience.​


Quilting Services include a vision...

From Edge to Edge to Full-on Custom



From .08-.16 a linear inch

Machine stitched to the front of the quilt, for you to hand stitch to the back OR machine stitched to the back and machine stitched to the front with a decorative or blind stitch for a totally finished quilt!

Custom aka Uniquely Yours!

From $.040-$.060 a square inch - minimum $100

Kick It Up Quilting will design your quilting and give you a visual representation of the designs on a picture of your quilt.  It starts us both thinking so we can quilt that special quilt, just the way you want it!

Border to Border (B2B) separate borders

From $.022 to $.035 a square inch

Kick It Up Quilting makes it easy to personalize your quilt...this type of quilting has one design in the center with a separate design for borders!

Quilt Gallery

Edge to Edge

From .018 - .020 a square inch

This type of quilting runs from one side of the quilt to the other, ignoring any blocks, sashing or borders.


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